Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

On my last post, I said I was going to be a better blogger. Well, I'm sorry to say that I just haven't had anything "blogworthy" to post about. I have been really lazy lately. Just trying to enjoy the last little bits of summer vacation hanging out with my family. I did take a morning last week and hit the thrift stores near my home. Not a lot of treasures, but I did find a few cute things.

Unfortunately something weird is going on with my computer and it's not letting me upload (or is it download?) my pictures. Frustrating! So, since I don't like posting without pictures, I dug up a few random pics you may or may not have seen before for your viewing pleasure.
Yesterday my number 1 girl and I headed south to see Joy. We met at Goodwill and had fun shopping. I found a few cute clothing items and Joy had a basket full of goodies. We then went to Joy's house and just hung out a little bit.
Today is the official last day of summer for my daughter as she starts high school tomorrow. My son starts 7th grade on Wednesday. It's going to be hard getting back into school mode as it has been a fun, busy and sometimes lazy summer. It seems I have two speeds, crazy busy and completely lazy. Hey, have I said that before? I think I have. Sorry.
This week is going to be crazy with getting the kids off to school and getting ready for the Coburg Antique Fair which Isabel and I will be selling at on Sunday the 7th. I am excited/nervous to do this show as it will be our first time selling there. I hope we do well and sell lots of stuff. What doesn't sell will go directly to Monticello where we will have a special booth for the Fall Premier Sale which begins Friday, September 12th. This is also a first for us and I am thrilled that we will have our special booth set up for a whole month.
Have I mentioned that I am having a hard time getting focused lately. If you had any doubts, this blog post should clear that up. I'd really like to get a few smaller items painted, maybe a couple more shopping carts done (I cut out one this morning), and some bigger items need a little cleaning/fixing up and then I'll be ready to go. I'm torn between doing all that (I didn't even mention all the housework I need to do) and just having fun with the kids. Anyone see "The Rocker" yet? Argggh! Okay, enough rambling.

I'll leave you with a final picture from my stash. Here is a shot of the bed in my sewing/guest room. Doesn't it look inviting? If you could see it right now you would laugh as it is covered in fabric, ribbon, etc.

Hopefully I will get the thing with my computer and camera sorted out soon so I can dazzle you once again with a fabulous post with non-recycled pictures.


Anonymous said...

Since I am new to your blog I was not bored with this post with the wonderful pictures. I loved it. And, Yes!, your guest bed does look so inviting. I love the colors and especially thehead board. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to do so.


Unknown said...

Oh Lisa,
Your blog could never be boring! Great pics, I know what you mean about the end of summer, so sad to think about getting into the back-to-school routine. However, my dd,(7yo) is so excited for school and for that I'm thankful...
I'm also thankful that I'll have more uninterrupted time for creating....

Pat said...

Lisa, so glad that you have been able to relax and enjoy the kids....I have missed your glad to see one...even a previously shown one. So, good luck with the new school year and enjoy your coming shows....I'll be watching! Pat

Auntie Joy said...

Hi Lisa,
Loved seeing you Sunday. That was the only time I left the house this weekend. Was fun seeing Missy I'm glad she came with you.
Hope you foot is better soon.
Looking forward to Sunday for the party, I mean sale!

One Gal's Trash said...

Hi Lisa!
I love how each time I check up on your fun blog, you have a new banner! Your new one is wonderful. BTW, I "tagged" you last night, check my blog for details!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa , Where did summer go to?!I bet your two are anxious to get back to school with all their friends. Now you have time to take a pic of your garage for me. :) Sue

Connie said...

Just blog about your everyday life, sweetpea! That's what I do. Plus you're not giving yourself enough credit. Your things are lovely in the pix. You are NOT boring!!!! I'm gonna hafta beat your backside! LOL

Pink Slippers said...

That bed does look pretty and peaceful.

Kathy said...

Hi Lisa looking forward to seeing you at coburg! Remember to bring a flashlight or lantern. We forgot it our first year and felt pretty silly setting up in the dark. Have fun with the last minute madness Kathy

Iris said...

Good luck tomarrow at Coburg,Judy and I are going to try and come as shoppers. Hopefully a good time will be had by all! Happy Junken Trails