Monday, July 14, 2008

Portland Expo Part One

It's over! Thank God! What a crazy, busy, hot, fun, exhausting weekend we had. We started on Thursday by dropping off our stuff at our booth. Friday was early shoppers and set up day. Sales were great Friday, pretty good on Saturday and poor on Sunday. Overall though, this was our best Expo sales wise in the four years we have done this show. We met some awesome people, spent some time with our good selling buddies and did a little shopping too, of course. On this post I will share pictures of our booth, our friends booths, etc. On my next post, I will show you what I bought, and tell you about a couple awards I have been so honored to receive. Here we go!

After picture of commode I showed on a previous post. It didn't sell so it will be going to Monticello.

We had lots of cool mirrors (sold one). My dress form which you may remember from Farm Chicks found a new home.

This cute little shelf sold. I used some of the vintage wallpaper I bought from Heather on it.

This is a dresser that Isabel put vintage barkcloth era fabric on. I think it turned out lovely. One nasty customer called it "gaudy." I think she was high.

Love this caned back settee Isabel brought. Barkcloth pillows made by us both.

Joy, Maryann and Diane trying to keep cool.

MaryAnn's booth

Diane's (Molly Mo's) booth and cute Diane.

Cindy's booth.

Here's Joy. Click on pic for close up for the cutest apron ever.

Joy's booth.

Our "celebrity" visitor. The sweet and adorable Sally Jean Alexander was shopping the sale. So glad she came by.

Tired selling gals waiting for our table at Joe's Crab Shack Saturday night.
Joy, MaryAnn, Shannon, Isabel and Diane.
Even though this was our best Expo. I have kind of decided it will be my last. Kind of sad as we have developed a little bit of a following and have had many repeat customers. So next yearI will just come to shop! Much more fun, I think. Isabel hasn't decided yet if she will do next year's Expo or not.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Looks like a lot of work, but a lot of fun as well!! I think next year I am going to take a little drive up there with some girlfriends!! Infact, we were just talking about it yesterday while we were walking our pooches.

I spy a lot of things that I would have bought!! Isabel has a wonderful chest with drawers that needs to be at my house!! :)

Hope all is going good for you, Lisa.

A Cottage Industry said...

Why will it be your last?
It looks like your booth was fabulous!

Maison Douce said...

Lisa and I feel like it takes a lot from us to do these shows, and we neglect our family and our homes in the process... I know Lisa is adamant about not doing Expo again, I have not made up my mind completely yet, it is a lot of work but I mostly enjoy the connection with the wonderful people we come across!!

Anonymous said...

That is very sad this is your last =C I'm glad you had good luck, your booths look great!

Love To Sew said...

Thanks for the awesome photos, your booths look beautiful! Give me so much inspiration!

Paper Roses said...
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Paper Roses said...

What a lovely display it looks like you have really worked hard.
love looking at your ideas(sorry about the deleted post..spelling mistake.)
Have a great week.

Angie said...

that lady was crazy! that dresser is gorgeous!!! i think the roses look perfect on it...i wish we had something like the expo here. i would love to be able to browse all your booths!


Timi said...

I'm sick I missed this event! Next show I'm there! Your boths looked fabulous! Please keep me posted on up coming Oregon shows. Did that cute little cain back sofa sell? I'm sure it did. It would have been mine if I was there.

Katie said...

Hi Lisa...This is Katie from "Hazel's Vintage Pretties"...I had the great pleasure of attending the expo for the first time, and your booth was a sight for sore eyes, after viewing many, many booths with stuffed dead animals, guns, military items, men's belt buckles and the like...Thanks for letting me carefully look through the unopened totes of "smalls"...I didn't realize that sellers would still be unpacking on Friday, and it was very gracious of you to let me investigate.
I'm not at all surprised that you're not going to do the expo again...What a tremendous amount of time and energy it must have taken...That's not at all easy when you have a family, I know. I support you all the way...Take care, Katie

Auntie Joy said...

So... Why may I ask is Joy's hair soaking wet in the photo?? Was she really really sweaty?? Or is hae hair oily?? Surely she didn't just wash it in the bathroom?? I hope you forget how hot and miserable we were and decide to join the asphalt queens again!! If not want to help me set up?? Remember I asked first!

Iris said...

Being a vet of the Expo shows I know what you mean. Your booths looked Fab. It is a unreal time and energy zapper, but its great to hear it was a good one. Your going to do great no matter which venue you pick. Cuz ya'll have cool stuff. So happy junken trails . See you at Monti's

Anonymous said...

it was fun to see you again!!!!! I totally understand about not doing the show...its waaaay too hot!!!! I am sad for me and the other shoppers, tho. Your booth is so charming and inviting!!!!


the said...

Your booths look great, we didnt make it there, we have way too many projects going on here at home. Sad tho that your not going back, but I can only imagine the hard hard work that goes into it, especially in this lovely heat!

Have a great day,

Tammy Gilley said...

what fun!!!

Connie said...

Gaudy, GAUDY?!?!?!?! You're right, sweet roses chick; she must have been high or blind or definitely drunk on Sam Adams lemon zest ale!!! You've just given me an idea for a chest I stole............uhhhh, I mean "borrowed" from her when down in Calif. the last 2 weeks. Got lots of goodies just shopping at daughter's house, thrift shops and antique shops out in the Inland Empire! I'm on a roll now, sweetpea! ;-)

Barn House said...

Sorry that I missed you at Expo! I was having a heat stroke on the porch planning for our flea market. Glad that you are coming! Don't you want to be a judge for our cook off / bake off??


Anonymous said...

Your booths all looked absolutely wonderful! Wished I lived closer, as those kind of booths are few here(Tennessee). Are any of you gals doing the fall show in Round Top, Tx? Would love to see you there.

Jennifer said...

I can't stop looking! Each picture/booth is prettier than the next!

Natasha Burns said...

Gorgeous stuff Lisa! I love the wooden bits and pieces in the 2nd photo, the pink milking stool is so sweet and I have so wanted one of those sewing drawers and can't find any here : (
Mind you I have nowhere left to put any of them, I'll just have to admire them in photos I guess : (