Saturday, May 17, 2008

Where did the week go?

Wow, the week just flew by. I can't believe I haven't posted since Sunday, but really there hasn't been a lot to post about. I worked on Monday and Friday, went thrifting on Wednesday, (I forget what I did on Tuesday) did some sewing at Joy's on Thursday. My sweet boy was gone Tuesday through Friday at Outdoor School. I really missed him and am so glad he is home safe and sound.

It has been so hot here the last few days. In the 90's! Feels like we just jumped from winter to summer and skipped right over spring. It's suppose to cool down a bit, I hope.

Here's what I got the other day while out thrifting.

I hit the usual stores near my house and found the white shelf with drawers, vintage wallpaper, kids cowboy boots (for Farm Chicks), a tackle box, a tool box, vintage child's cup, brass and glass towel holder, several vintage crochet hangers and a piece of black calico with pink roses, of course.

I also found this fabulous vintage slip. I don't know why, but I have been finding a lot of really cool slips lately.

Love the detail on this one. Lots of ruching (sp) around the top. Just lovely.

I also found a sweet cotton and lace night gown, but my coolest find of the day was this oldish (70's) print on old boards. It's pretty big, but I think the lady is so sweet. I can totally picture this in a shabby/Victorian style home. It's going to Monticello tomorrow to wait for it's new owner.

So, I'm starting to feel like I do the same stuff over and over, work, buy the same stuff, make the same stuff. I feel like my posts are all the same. This is what I made, this is what I bought, blah blah blah. I mean really, how many shopping carts with liners do you really want to see? ha ha I did just finish the one for my friend that I told you about. It turned out very pretty, but I didn't take a picture of it yet.

Okay, here's something new. Yesterday was my lunch lady friend Tanya's 50th birthday. The big joke is that I am always subbing when it's someone's birthday so I always end up getting cake. Yum! For Tanya's birthday, my crazy friend Debbie had us all wear black and she made these silly hats for us to wear with pictures of Tanya on them. We got some pretty funny looks from the kids. Tanya refused to wear her hat until Debbie agreed to let her draw a mustache on her with a marker. Debbie is such a nut. Gotta love those lunch ladies!

Have a great weekend!


Donna said...

Lisa, your Victorian style picture is on an old grape drying tray.They use these to dry grapes into raisins.Looks like you had a good junkin day!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

LOL...I love the hats! said...

No, show more shopping cart liners!! I love those things. I also would be interested in buying one for my pink cart!

Back Through Time said...

Looks like fun, The hats crack me up!

Sandi McBride said...

Okay, now I want a hat! And a slip, too!

Pat said...

Lisa, Maybe you are just going through a temporary slump. I think I am too....wondering if I have interesting posts, do I do the same things over and over, does anybody care? I think we both should just keep on keeping on (I know I'm going to keep on reading your blog!!)....meanwhile, the party hats are a hoot and I love the slip and that gorgeous lady painted on the boards. So, have a great new week!! And, thanks for doing what you do...Pat at birdnestontheground

Bristol said...

How funny, love the hats. I am sure the kids thought y'all were crazy old ladies:))

Linda said...

Gorgeous slip and I love the nightie.
Great party hats...what a fun bunch of ladies to work with. Linda

miss gracies house said...

Keep showing us your treasures! The birthday party looked fun~looks like you show up on the *right* days!
Have a good week and fun getting ready for FarmChicks!

CIELO said...

You have a beautiful blog....


Anonymous said...

I told Tanya and yeah she's pretty mad or so she says. You're in the doghouse with me. Can't be too bad huh? Have a fun weekend. Be safe. Talk soon.