Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some Things

Not a lot of blog worthy things going on around here which is why I haven’t posted for awhile.  Had a one day garage sale last week with some good friends. It felt good to clear out some of the clutter, but I have a long way to go.  I have so many projects I want to do, but am having a bit of a trouble figuring out what to start first.  So, in the meantime, I thought I would show you some things I’ve picked up here and there recently.


Not the best picture, but I found this cute vanity with tri fold mirror at a local garage sale.  It’s currently in my garage waiting for me to finish painting it.  A couple glass knobs and it will be good to go! The metal plant stand was found at another sale and the little two drawer cabinet and cast iron bird feeders were found at a thrift store.


I got these lovely pots from Isabel at our garage sale. They will look great added to my growing collection.


I also bought this adorable vintage purse at the garage sale.  It will be headed over to Stars soon.


I got this cutie off of craigslist. I originally thought I would sell it, but I love it so much it’s going to be a keeper.  I’ll just have to replace it with the one I currently have in my bedroom. Already gave it a coat of creamy paint, but will take a picture of it after it’s all done.


My favorite part is the feet. And, did I mention it’s cedar lined?


Found all these goodies while out thrifting. The two matching lamps were found at two different Goodwills, if you can believe that. One is broken, but I’ll use the parts to make a new lamp. I got the platter and the swivel frame at Camas Antiques, but I think my favorite find in this picture is the bunny puppet.  I found him at the bins and have since washed him up really well. He’s pretty cute and it’s going to be hard to give him up, but do I really need a bunny puppet?


Also found while thrifting, a lovely pair of white euro shams, white cotton nighty, white cotton slip and a lovely floral duvet cover. Just couldn’t resist those flowers.

And finally, I want to show you something that came in the mail.  Maddie, who is a reader of my blog, proposed a trade awhile ago. She knew that I have a thing for lovely vintage purses, having seen them on my blog and offered to trade one she had for one of my coin purse necklaces. So we made the trade and this is what came in the mail.


Gorgeous, right? I love it so much and I have it hanging with my other cute purses right now.

So that’s about all I have going on right now. Today I’m sorting, pricing and just getting stuff ready to take over to Monticello and Stars tomorrow. The Fall Premier Sale is still going on over at Monticello and will continue until October 2nd. Dealers are continually restocking so if you are in the neighborhood, stop by and maybe I’ll see you! Have a great Wednesday!


Vintage Station said...

Everybody needs a bunny puppet to say the things you wish you could say. You can blame it on the bunny!

Tete said...

Great finds, but I think that bunny could be Bunny Rabbit from Captain Kangaroo. What do you think? Maybe you could check ebay on him.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

HI LISA! As always, you seem to find the cutest stuff to sell. Your GW's are so much better than ours!

Your kids sure have grown up!! Man! Time flies! Jordan's fav band was the Misfits - and he had a t-shirt just like your daughters. Spen has one, too.


A Cottage Muse said...

Loving your finds...especially the color of that old suitcase!

I went to an estate sale last weekend and saw a set in turquoise with white trim...kicking myself for not getting it (although the price tag made my jaw drop)!!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Really cool finds you've got there! I just love the mesh bag. I found one today in my local thrift store. This makes three, I guess I'm collecting them now! LOL
That little chest is a keeper, I agree. Good luck at the show!

Meliss @ Shabby LOCO! said...

ooohhh Love those tea pots! Q-T!

Anonymous said...

I love the two purses and the trunk. You always seem to find stuff I like!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa
It was fun to see you this weekend. Hope you had some good finds

Jilly said...

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