Wednesday, June 15, 2011

White Wednesday

On Monday I went to my Stars booth as I had sold a really cool old postal cabinet that unfortunately, I never got any pictures of. I did however get a message on my answering machine from my good friend, Sue. It went something like this, “Hi Lisa, I’m at Stars standing in front of your booth, looking at a really cute postal cabinet that has a sold sign on it…” I can’t remember the rest of what she said. Something about how she wished it was hers or something like that. This makes me laugh, because Sue always finds the best stuff. I’m not kidding. She does. But, she also has a secret weapon. Her husband Joe. He is as good as Sue at spotting cool vintage junk and when they go to sales together, look out!

But, I’m getting off track. This post is about White Wednesday. To fill the hole that my postal cabinet left I brought in this really cool buffet I found a couple months ago.


I guess I should have taken a picture of it before I used it for display, but I think it’s pretty cute. When I found it at a local thrift store, they wanted a lot of money for it. More than I would pay for something I’m reselling. It was about 95% stripped and the cabinet doors were off and it had no hardware. When the store employees couldn’t find the hardware, they said they would sell it to me for half of what they originally quoted, so into my car it went. Other than finishing the stripping, putting on the hinges and glass knobs it was quite an easy project. I love it and wish I had room for it in my house, but unfortunately it is just too big for my space.

After getting my booth fluffed, I decided to walk around Stars and take some pictures of some of my favorite white things for sale there.



This giant cabinet is supper cool. I wish I got a better picture of it. It belongs to my friend, Mitzi and I love all the shelves, doors and drawers it has. You could store a lot of stuff in it and it makes a perfect display cabinet for collections.


This is one of two found object assemblage pieces Mitzi has made. The other larger one sold. I thought I took a picture of it, but now I can’t find it. I look for it some more and will post it if I find it. It was super cool!





New dealers at Stars. They were setting up their tiny space along the wall. Very cute and artistic.



I’m a sucker for a pretty vintage wedding dress.

Yesterday I went back to Stars because I had sold another larger display piece and had to rearrange. After that, Mitzi and I went out to lunch at Mother’s restaurant and while we were there, I got a call from Stars saying that my clothing rack fell off the wall and could I come in and fix it. The only casualty was the cute little white display cabinet pictured at the top of this post. Let’s just say it doesn’t look so cute any more, but I’m just glad that no one was hurt. After a trip to the hardware store to get some heavier duty molly bolts, my rack is back up and sturdier than ever. Happy ending to a somewhat sad story. Okay, enough of me rambling. I hope you have a great Wednesday and if you have time, drop by Kathleen’s blog and check out some of her other White Wednesday participants.


Vintage Station said...

I wandered around Stars late yesterday. Your space looks great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
The secret's out - that Joe he does find some cool junk :)
I LOVED the postal cabinet , I'm thinking it wasn't in your space very long , it was darling .
Your space did look great!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Paula and I were at Stars yesterday when we heard the boom in your booth...saw the casualty of the cute display cabinet. Bummer, but could have been was a VERY LOUD SOUND!

Anonymous said...

Love looking at the creative way people do their spaces!

Sandi said...

I love that buffet!! Wish I had room for it too! :)
Lots of wonderful white goodies in this post. Thanks for sharing!!
Sorry about your casualty.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Pretty PRETTY!
Especially love that little square table with the glass top!