Friday, March 4, 2011


I’ve already showed you some amazing stores that I visited down in Southern California.  What I didn’t tell you about is the fact that I also made visits at several thrift stores and the fabulous Long Beach Flea Market.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find much at the thrift stores.  Just a few vintage nighties which were great as they didn’t take up that much space in my luggage.  But the LB flea was another story.  I found lots of my favorite things and ran into some friends which I’ll tell you more about later because I know what you really want is to see the stuff.

Okay, here it is.


Vintage bling is always a great find.


Misc. metal tags and a couple keys.


Lots of great vintage buttons.


A cute little lock with key that someone glued some vintage jewelry to and an adorable little petite point coin purse.


Sweet crochet hangers and crochet doily trivets.


Sweetest crochet picture.


Lovely vintage cotton hankies.


Gorgeous vintage slips.


Beautiful floral fabric remnants.

I also got a couple vintage crinolines and as I mentioned above,and a few cute vintage nightgowns. But my favorite find is one that wouldn’t fit into my suitcase.  It was a little black cabinet with four drawers which had to be shipped home.  After a little a little sanding and a couple new knobs it has now landed in my Stars mall booth.  If you’ve been reading my blog awhile, you know how fond I am of little cabinets with drawers.  Here is my LB flea find.


It’s kind of hard to see as the lighting wasn’t great.  Here is another little cabinet that I recently scored on craigslist that is also now at Stars.


I got it and another larger cabinet from the same guy.  The other larger cabinet is super cool and will be making its first appearance at Farm Chicks.  Ooh, I can’t wait!

Back to the LB Flea.  I was so busy shopping and enjoying the sunshine to bother getting my camera out, but I did  happen to see a few people I know including Brent and Darwin, the owners of Stars Malls (where I have one of my booths).  They were vacationing in Palm Springs and decided to do a little junking.  I also saw Tim and Lisa of Blue Canoe Reloaded.  They were first time vendors at Farm Chicks last year and had the most amazing stuff for sale.  You can see Tim and one of his awesome large bird houses in the latest issue of Flea Market Style magazine. I was also lucky enough to run into the adorable Trisha of Vintage Bliss. I had met her on a previous visit to the Urban Barn where she was a guest vendor at their Street Faire. And finally, I can’t be sure, but I’m almost positive that I saw Tori Spelling at the flea.  Last time I was there, which was a year and a half ago, there was a celebrity siting of Simon Baker.  I didn’t see him, but a few of the vendors were talking about it.

Okay, back to reality.  Oh wait, I am headed up to Tiffany’s house for a fun girl weekend of giggling, crafting and eating.  Maybe even another visit to the Yella Beak.  This time I will try to behave myself.  Have a fun weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa!
Wow - you really found some treasures - I especially love the vintage slips. Such girly goodness!! Thank you for sharing.
Blessings and Hugs,

Wanda said...

Well, I love it all. Every bit. Buttons, jewelry, fabric (And did I spy bark cloth?) tags, keys.... Everything. But I've gotta say. The cabinets are my favorites. I'm especially partial to those, but rarely find them. Wait. Since I don't have any just like that, maybe I *never* find them.

Christa from Chloe Rose said...


It looks like you made some fabulous finds down south. Your little cabinets are drool worthy! I love the black one that you shipped back home.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


Florence said...

Have an awesome time!!!! Hugs Florence

Squirrelhaus said...

Some really neat treasures!!! I really love the little has so many great uses!!!
Happy weekend!

Herbgirl said...

perifI LOVE LOVE LOVE all your finds. Oh my........
Herbal Hugs N Blessings, mandy

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Lisa; I am drooling all over your pretties..... what a haul you made.. everything is so gorgeous..


Natasha Burns said...

You find the best stuff Lisa! I get to look at your gorgeous things you sent me every day in my jewellery box :)
Hope you had a fabulous weekend with Tiffany! I'm sure you would have xo

Lisa of Lisa's Little House said...

Darling items all around! Is the Cook County tag available for sale???? Had so much fun this weekend...thanks for your honesty and fun-loving spirit! I admire you in so many ways...xxoo,

Into Vintage said...

Congrats to you on all of these finds! I'm dying to go to the LBFM, now more than ever after seeing all of your loot! :-) PS My thrift store shopping has been pretty bleak lately. Hoping people are saving up their stuff for some awesome yards soon.

Into Vintage said...

Yard sales. I tried to say yard sales. :-)

Anonymous said...

That is such a wonderful flea market. I was there over the summer, but was staying downtown LA and had to take the bus. Took me about 3 hours (NOT kidding) to get there. Totally worth it. Next time I'm driving to LA instead of flying! Glad you found some beauty amongst all the mid-century stuff!


Tammy Gilley said...

oh la la, those buttons!!!!

Sugah Beez said...

Oh my goodness! Such fab vintage finds! Love the metal tags and petit point coin purse. And, yes, the bling had me at hello, lol.
Blessings ~ Heidi

Mitzi said...

Lisa, your finds are things I would open my own wallet for, especially the fabric and the stash of buttons. I just love sorting vintage buttons! Oh, and one can never have too many cabinets with little drawers....

Elyse said...

beautiful finds!!!

have fun with tiffany & co!


Vintage Station said...

Thanks for the visit...enjoyed meeting you again and having you see the shop. Will see you at Farm Chicks as a shopper!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

OH MY GOSH.....OH MY GOSH! My darling daughter and I took a trip last weekend... well, I guess it would be weekend before last....whatever... :-) Details. Anyway we went to Portland for a few days and stoppet at Stars.... I walked around the corner and called to my sweet girl... "Oh my've got to come and see this floor!".... We stood there oogling for the longest time...wondering why the heck they dont' make that kind of thing anymore. Imagine how many cottage chickies would LOVE that in their kitchens. They're missing a huge market! Now I can put a name with a space. So many girlies have spaces at antique malls, but I can never figure out what one goes with which girl. :-) Yours was soooo cute, by the way.


Unknown said...