Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some of My Favorite Picks~White Wednesday Style

I’ve been having so much fun reading about your favorite picks in the comments from my giveaway post that I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite picks. As I am, and have been buying and selling for several years now, I have come across some cool stuff.  Some I have kept and will never part with (maybe), and some have gone onto new owners.  If you have been reading my blog awhile, you may remember these items.


I picked this awesome and super heavy bad boy off of craigslist.  It didn’t look like this when I found it. It was super dirty and I cleaned and painted and stained.  Here’s the best part and a little secret.  It was free.  It was also the most expensive thing I have ever sold. (I know, bragging, sorry:)  Kinda miss it, but don’t miss hauling it. 


I found this awesome piece in a barn sale of a local antique dealer. I paid a whopping $50 for it.  It sold in less than one week at Monticello.  Looking back, I think I priced it way too low, but that’s okay.  Still love it though.


Found this super cute white lace dress in the basement of a really neat antique shop in Portland.  Love it so much and I wore it to the Farm Chicks party last June.


And finally, this cool mirror was found in a box of frames at an auction.  It didn’t look like this though, but after I tackled it with some paint stripper, this is what I found.  I also found a label on the back that says “patent 1883.” I paid $20 for the box of frames including this mirror. It currently has a place of honor on my mantel. If you’re curious about what it looked like when I bought it, here it is.  Definitely not white.


Ugh! Why anyone would do that is beyond me.

There’s still time to enter my American Pickers Giveaway.  Just scroll down to my last post and leave a comment.  I’ll be back on Friday with the winners. Happy Wednesday!


Tammy said...

Love all your favorites! Especially the lace dress...looks great on you!

Into Vintage said...

I got pretty excited when I saw that second pic - until I read it's something you already sold. I need another fabric cabinet and that looked perfect! Guess its time to head to Monticello and do some shopping!

Sanctuary Home said...

You have a really good eye! I would love to go shopping with you sometime. We would have so much fun! I'm just starting to re-do furniture, and I'm not sure how to go about selling it. Got any advise for me?

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

That is the prettiest mirror I have ever seen - which is remarkable, since the "before" photo is the most awful mirror I have ever seen. Great job!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Lisa, that tall cabinet is to-die-for fabulous - I just don't know how you could part with it because I know I could not have :) Love your lace dress. And how clever of you to look beyond the finish of that mirror!

A Cottage Muse said...

What gorgeous pieces ~ I could not have parted with them!!!

So happy you kept the dress because you look amazing in it!!!

Faye said...

That mirror is awesome! I can't believe was so ugly before!!! How could anyone do that! You made it shine again!

Faye (wildrosevintage)

Sarah Ann said...

I love your white dress!!! It's really cute!

The Rose Room said...

Love that dress! Rachaelxo

Bread and Butter said...

I have followed your blog for quite some time, you always inspire me to get with it and do something. I just love to redo things I find that need attention. I also started my own blog, so far it is really fun. Thanks for always sharing, Terri :O)