Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Great Weekend.

Yesterday was gorgeous here in the PNW. Isabel and I, along with my Mom headed out bright and early to the Barn House season opener.  I had been out on Thursday to drop off a few of my things for the sale, so I already had an idea of how fabulous it was going to be. We got there just before 9am and it was already packed with hungry shoppers. 

Everyone’s spaces were just gorgeous.  So much to see, I had to go around several times. The hold  pile behind the check out area just kept getting bigger and bigger with everyone’s finds. I was pleased to see a few of my sale items there too, including the little crinoline lamp from my last post and this cool  old cabinet I recently found on craigslist which was described as “old wood thing.”


It sold so fast, I didn’t even get to see where in the barn it had landed. Isabel told me that my shopping cart (from the last post) had sold too, so I was quite pleased. The line to pay was a little long, but no worries, we just decided to head down the road to the Vintage Gatherings sale.  Lots of goodies there too. I got to meet the adorable Shellagh from Ticking and Toile and Annette from Andy’s Attic. Here’s a picture of Annette and the always sweet Florence.


I bought a bunch of cool buttons, and this sweet vintage dress and hat at this sale. Isabel and my Mom both found lots of treasures too. This is my Mom and me posing at the Vintage Gathering sale.


Here is the vintage dress I got. 


Close up of the fabric and cute rick rack  trim.


And here’s the hat I found there too.


I got both the dress and the hat from Michelle’s booth.

Back to Barn House we went to pay for our purchases.  I was debating on a really cute dresser, Randy from Madison Park had for sale in his space, but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I did however end up purchasing this little vintage gate from Sue of Bella Shabby.  I love it and have the perfect place for it.  I’ll have to show you when it is in it’s new home.


Here are Isabel and me getting ready to leave Barn House.


That’s the only picture I got there, but Isabel took a bunch as well as a lot of other bloggers that were there.  We could have stayed longer at Barn House, but we wanted to check out the garden sale that was going on in the city of Camas.  Our buddy, Julie was there selling her cool stuff and it gave us a chance to check out the goodies at Camas Antiques where I found a couple vintage slips I just had to have.  Have I ever mentioned my addiction to vintage slips?  Love them!

After that we were all pretty tired so we headed home after a long and fun day.

Today being Mother’s Day and all, I was able to convince my family that we needed to take a trip to Corvallis to visit my alma mater, Oregon State University.  Again, another gorgeous day and the fact that we made a few stops at thrift stores along the way wasn’t so bad either.  Lunch at our favorite, Woodstock’s Pizza, and a nice long stroll around campus were the icing on the cake.  Here’s a picture of my three most favorite people in the whole wide world.


Aren’t they all adorable? I’m crazy in love with these guys.  And since my sweet hubby and I hardly ever get pictures together, here is the best of the bunch my daughter took of us.


After 23 years together (almost 19 of them married), we are still so much in love!  He is the best hubby a girl could have.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten a little mushy on you, and this post has gotten a little long, I’ll end it here.  I hope you all had a truly wonderful weekend too.


Amy'svintagecottage said...

Aw sweet post. Happy Mothers Day Lisa! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Your hubby is sooo cute!What a darling family!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Lisa, I love the way you ended your post. That is the sweetest picture of you and your hubby - maybe you have a nice vintage frame for it. p.s. love the vintage green dress - you're really inspiring me to vintageify my wardrobe, Lisa!

Florence said...

Lisa it is always so nice to see you. Our list of common things that we have in common just keeps growing. My husband is a Beaver too. Go Beavs! I am glad you had such a great Mother's day, your husband and you are a sweet looking couple. Your children too. Hugs Florence

Andy's Attic said...

Hi Lisa, It was so wonderful to meet you! Glad you had such a good weekend. Your family looks great! Isn't it great to still be in love??

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Ahh...all mushy on us! Looks like a perfect weekend..isn't it nice to have perfect weather, good company and great finds! (I won't mention the Beavers, since I was a duck!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa !
Sorry that we missed you on Saturday. Thanks for buying my gate. One less heavy thing to pack around :0)
I'm looking forward to being your next door neighbor at Farm Chicks.
Have to go sew some shop cart liners now.
See you soon

Christa from Chloe Rose said...

It was great to see you at Barn House this weekend. Everything looked wonderful! I love the header on your blog with all of the pretty roses....

Your mother's day sounds wonderful too. I got to do some thrift shopping too!!


Chloe Rose

Georgia Peachez said...

Love that vintage dress, so sweet! And that gate would look great in my garden :->
xo, suzy

mimi charmante said...

seriously, too sweet. your kids have the same sweet smile as you do! *love* your dress and hat - I have never made it to that sale... I am so envious that you were at the barn sale - if only it was a wee bit closer... I will definitely be there in july!
hope to see you sometime soon my friend,

Insolvency advice said...

Wonderful post! Happy Mother's day to you. What a wonderful family you have. God bless.

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