Sunday, April 12, 2009

Last Wednesday

I'm a little behind on my blogging. I apologize, but in my defense, I have been busy working on projects. This post is not about that though.

Last Wednesday, Mitzi and I hit the Goodwill bins. Didn't find much. At least not anything blogworthy. After that we went to another Goodwill. Found nothing there. We then headed over to Hippo Hardware for some electrical stuff and I spotted a cool vintage shopping cart which was holding a bunch of random stuff. I asked if it was for sale and the guy basically told me to name my price. I got a great deal on this sweet cart. Really I have no business buying any more as I have a ton of them (if you're new to my blog let me tell you that one of the many things I sell is vintage shopping carts with custom made fabric liners) and I have vowed that I wasn't going to buy any more. So much for that idea.

After going to HH we headed over to Stars Antique Mall where we met up with Karen, Paula and Laurie (Magpie Ethel). If you are not familiar with Laurie, go right now to her blog and say hi. She is the ultimate crafting queen in my book. After we all grabbed a bite to eat, she graciously invited us to have a tour of her home and studio.

Let me start off by saying that Laurie lives in a fabulous neighborhood full of awesome vintage homes and Laurie's home is no exception. Here we are posed in front of her house. (Karen is taking the picture.)
Laurie's home is jam packed full of incredible vintage finds and lovely hand crafted creations that are beautifully and artfully arranged. Her vintage home has so many wonderful nooks and crannies that are just perfect to house her many collections. I'm going to just shut up now and let my pictures do the talking. Hope you have your coffee as this is a long one.

Incredible, right? I just love everything about Laurie's home. I could move right in.

Thanks again, Laurie for inviting us into your Haven. It truly is so very charming and lovely.

On Thursday while running errands with my daughter, I stopped at an antique shop that I hadn't been to in a while. I was thrilled to find this adorable little doll dresser. It was a great price too. Now the dilemma. Do I keep or do I sell?

The projects I referred to at the beginning of this post are just some things I'm working on for Farm Chicks. It's still two months away, but feels like it is getting closer by the minute. By the time it gets here I'm sure you will be bored with me talking about it so much so I will try to limit my posts that have to do with FC. It will be hard as I am getting very excited about going and I have lots of great stuff that I will be taking with me.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday and a very Happy Easter with your friends and family!


paula said...

Hi Lisa,
What a wonderful photo tribute to Laurie's amazing creativity and collections!! I want to go back....:-) Hope to see you again soon.
p.s. check out Poppy and Ivy's Blogs she loves to visit list.

lorhen82 said...

I love the little cabinet in the bathroom with the arched door! So unique!
Happy Easter!

Kathi said...

Oh, how I love that stuffed white chair with the chenille cover! Laurie's home is a treasure chest!
I just realized that I have a very small collection of "big" doll furniture... your little dresser is adorable!

Rochelle said...

Hi Lisa
Wow....what a menagerie of cuteness! You could get lost in there! :) Such great things she possesses..I saw many that I love!
Happy Easter!

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Wow...What a fabulous house and fabulous decor! Thanks for sharing. I definitely acquired some decorating ideas :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I missed it or not could you put a link to Laurie's blog so we go to it?

laurie - magpie ethel said...

Thanks Lisa! I had such a great afternoon with all you gals and was happy to show off my house. You got some great photos and was fun to see my house thru another persons eyes. I was more than happy to share...

that cart you got was adorable...good find!

Carole said...

What neat stuff, and how fun to find that shopping cart. I haven't been to Hippo in a long, long time.

The Green Pea said...

cool little shopping cart. Sandi

The Green Pea said...

I vote to keep the doll dresser at least for a while. Sandi

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

gorgeous pics!! Laurie has a lovely home!! :-) I hope you had a fantastic Easter and I hope you have a wonderful week!! huge hugs!!!! Britt :-)

cherished*vintage said...

Thanks for sharing Laurie's home! I love her egg cups, pie birds, that fabulous mirrored vanity, and her chenille chair, and, and I could go on and on....
I'd totally keep that darling doll dresser! Hope you had a fabulous Easter!

Kim G. said...

Holy Smokes! Laurie's home is fabulous! I want to go there. And live in there! The only thing cooler than Laurie's home is miss Laurie herself! You girls in Portland are so spoiled! I think in my next life I'll request to live in Portland where all of the cool people apparently live. p.s., that cart is too cute!

Journal Swag said...

Wow, her house is adorable! The whole thing! I may like the bathroom best, but it would be so hard to choose! Lucky Girl!

Sounds like you've been having fun, Lisa!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

OHMYGODDDD!!!! I am slobbering!!! Laurie's home is chocked full of such cutiepieintheskygoodness! Lisa, remember the bird you sent to me? Laurie has one just like it in her wire shelf holder! I also have the blue toleware tray with roses. Her home is soooo cute! I bet you could spend days checking out her collections. Thank you for sharing with us!


Anonymous said...

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