Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Morning at Monticello

Saturday, took my girl to get her hair done and then we went and saw this.

All I can say...Awesome! If you ever get the chance to see it, go! It is so worth it.

Sunday was pretty lazy, Monday too. I did spend a little time getting stuff ready to take to Monticello today. Unlike most days I go to Monticello, I didn't stop at one thrift store along the way. I decided that since I'm running kind of low on funds and I have a trip coming up this weekend, that I wouldn't spend any money. Just go, drop off my stuff and come home. Simple, right? Not so much. I did end up finding a few things at Monticello that I just had to bring home.

But first, let me show some new (old) stuff I took to put in my booth.

Cute couple

Stack of vintage children's books.

Cute embroidered top and skirt.

Funky vintage sewing basket

Basket full of vintage aprons.

Vintage ironing thingy.

Pair of cute rose satin hangers.

Extra big floral drapery panel.

Mini dolly bed with vintage wallpaper.

Little pink doll cabinet.

Shabby Chic pink sheers with ruffles.

Snuggly pink cotton coverlet.

*Sorry a lot of my pictures are so dark. It has been a pretty gray day here today.

While at Monticello, I had the good fortune to see Pam of One Gal's Trash blog fame. She is such a sweetie. She was there specifically to leave a little gifty for me and I just happened to be there when she dropped by. I told her it was meant to be. We had a really nice chat and she gave me this adorable box of pink roses stationery. Wasn't that just the nicest thing ever?

Okay, now for stuff that I couldn't live without. Adorable chippy mirror frame with hand painted pink rose that I got out of my buddy, Lynn's booth and two adorable crocheted hangers that I bought from "The Girlfriends." Their booth is right next to mine and I always have so much trouble resisting all of their yummy delicious finds.I also couldn't leave without buying this adorable architechtural piece. I'm going to put it up over the window in my dining area. It is so sweet and chippy.

Hope you are all having a great Tuesday! Hopefully I can get my rear in gear and work on some projects to show you soon.


melanie's all my favorite things said...

love the items that you took in to your booth...and also love what you took home! Very lucky gal! great finds!

Lori said...

oh my!!! i just love the little pink doll cabinet...how sweet is that...the stack of aprons looks pretty yummy too!!!

love what you bought too...the mirror frame is really pretty:)

Vintage Tea said...

I'm going to see Wicked in 3 weeks time - I can't wait. I'm always hearing such rave reviews.

Victoria xx

Sheila said...

I realy loved all those pink aprons.. I know i couldn't see them, but hey their pink, can't be nothing but pretty.. I have those same two raggady ann and andy dolls, but it looks like mine may be a bit bigger. realy hard to tell in a photo.. I know you had a great time..

English Cottage in Georgia said...

What a treat it would be so shop at your booth...love the "pretties" which you added.
Of course, a gal has the option to change her mind on such silly rules like "no buying" :-)

The Feathered Nest said...

O my goodness!!! How much is that little pink doll cabinet???? I'm so in love with it ~ everything is wonderful! xxoo, Dawn

Cottage Rose said...

Love all the goodies you took to your booth, and you know it never fails that how strong we are and say I won't buy any thing,,, we always see that one or two thing that we can't live with out.... lol I am the same way.. oh well whats a girl to do.. I love all the things you found and the gift of roses from your friend is just so pretty, what a beautiful why to send a letter..


miss gracies house said...

I love *the girlfriends* booth as well...can't wait to visit Monticello again, maybe Friday? Looking forward to seeing all of your treasures in person!

Carole said...

Great stuff! I love vintage aprons, and have kicked myself for passing up a few that were practically given away.

I've been hearing quite a bit about 'Wicked'. Glad you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

I saw Wicked for their opening performance in Portland. Love the music! What a fun time. Just found your blog through Notes from a cottage industry.
debbi e

krys kirkpatrick said...

I love to shop at monticello. I live in kirkland...so I make it down to oregon about once a year. My favorite antique mall. I will look for your things next time I am there.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! I'd hate to have to dust all those collections though!