Monday, February 16, 2009

Metal Stuff and Some Other Things

Do those of you who thrift/junk find that often times when you go out looking for stuff, you tend to find a lot of the same kind of thing on the same day? That has happened to me a lot. Last week, for example, I hit all my favorite thrift stores on the way to Monticello and the things I found most were metal items.

Metal baskets, metal teapot, metal light fixture, metal sign fixtures. Weird, right? I don't know why that happens, but it does. Here's a picture of my metal stash.
I was so excited to find the metal sign holders (6 of them) until I called Isabel to tell her about them and she said she got a bunch of them the week before. ha ha
A couple weeks ago I ventured out to a shop I heard about called Vestiges on Fremont in Portland. I had heard they were going out of business and were selling some of their fixtures for good prices. I didn't find any fixtures that I had to have, but I did find a neat vintage floral hat (took it apart before I could get a picture of it), a really cool chenille robe (for me) and a little belated gifty for Timi's birthday which I was able to give her last weekend at the Blog Party at Joy's.

Here is the cute white chenille robe. I find lots of chenille spreads, but rarely do I find a robe and one that I would actually wear. This one is so cute and simple and I love the scrolly bits on it.
I was also able to check out Melanie's newish store All My Favorite Things also on Fremont. I didn't get to meet Melanie, but her very nice husband was there to assist me. I found several things that just had to come home with me.

A sweet rhinestone bow pin to add to my pin collection.

Adorable ruffley cream colored vintage curtain panels.

Lovely little lady painting.
Her shop is just adorable and I highly recommend you check it out if you are in the area.

Another place on Fremont (further west than Melanie's shop) is Amy's shop. Poppy and Ivy. I have blogged about Amy and her shop before which you can read about here. About a month ago my daughter and I were out shopping and decided to stop and see Amy again. I was so surprised that she remembered me as I know she has a ton of people coming through her door and I had only met her that one other time. Amy is the kind of person that you can never run out of things to talk about with. She is a bundle of fun energy and her store is a total reflection of her delightful personality. I only got a few things on this visit like some yummy smelling hand cream for my girl and these
Two lovely rose patterned linens (very Cath Kidston) and cute little hangers with clips. I thought these would be great to use for some mixed media collages that I have yet to sit down and do. But at least I now have the hangers when I can finally find the time and motivation to do it.

So, I think I have now caught you up on my latest vintage finds. This is going to be a very busy week for me. Tomorrow I am meeting some old high school friends that I have recently reconnected with on Facebook (my newest addiction). It will be fun to see them again and I'm sure there will be laughs and shared memories a plenty.

On Thursday I am heading south to Temecula California to see my Dad for a long weekend. It's been almost a year since I was last down there and I am super excited to spend time with family as well as visit some of my favorite shops. I am thrilled that my trip will coincide with this fun sale which is just a stone's throw away from my Dad's house. I have been lucky enough to go to La Maison Rustique sales twice before and trust me, they never disappoint. The quality of merchandise and vendors is amazing.

Not sure if I will have time to post before my trip, but if I don't, I promise to take lots of pictures while I'm on my mini vacaction and will check back with you next week. If you have any suggestions on places I should check out or things I should do while I'm down there, I would love to know about it. Have a fabulous week!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my! I'd have been thrilled to get all that, too!

Hey, I just joined FaceBook. Still trying to figure it all out. Wanna be friends? ;-) My ID is Wanda Craft. It's the one in Birmingham, Alabama that has a goofy looking, chinny picture of me. Blondish. Smiling.

Lori said...

thanks for visiting with me:) i love all of your metal goodies, esp the sign holders!!! yummy... those little hangers are awesome for collages, they really look SO cute!!!

Janelle said...

I love seeing vintage finds. That rhinestone pin is adorable!

I've noticed that finds seem to come in groups, too, though mine happen over a longer time period. There was a point where everywhere I went for several months, I always found those round woven grass baskets with lids. Then poof! almost never again.

And for a year or so, every time I went to this one charity thrift shop, they always had little clear glass custard/jelly cups. They were all slightly different from each other, so I'm not sure that they all came from the same donator. I amassed quite a collection. And that was more than ten years ago, and I have literally never found any more like them anywhere.

If only I could hit a run like that on McCoy planters! And if only they were cheap!

Martha, Vintage Trifles said...

Have a great trip! M.

pinkroses said...

Great finds! Hope you have a fabulous trip to California, and take plenty of pictures at La Maison Rustique...I wish I were going with you! xo suzanne

Elaine said...

I've had very little time lately to go "thrifting" and I miss it. Your lovely post today made me realize I need to get back out there soon! And have a great trip....I love going through Temecula...lovely place!
Elaine :)

Chic Junk said...

I love the light fixture. It's too cute!

Patina said...

Lisa, I've never seen little hangers like that! What a fun find!

Gabrielle Mader said...

Hello..this is my first time commenting on your blog. I recently added it to my blog roll because I'm enjoying it so much. I love the material..such a fun print. I also like those hanger thingies..I would like to find some. I have seen them on the internet, are they very prevalent? I am going to La Maison too this week too . Maybe I'll see you there.

Anonymous said...

Great metal finds. Did you know I used to be at Vestiges when it first opened? Glad you found a couple of treasures there. Have a great sunny, relaxing treasure filled trip!

Tracy ~Seeking Refinement~ said...

these are so have a great eye - and will keep checking back with your Blog - you inspire me!

American Homemaker said...

Fun finds!!! I love thrifting and finding vintage treasures :)

Anonymous said...