Thursday, January 22, 2009

Got Barkcloth?

If you've been reading my blog awhile, it should come as no surprise that I love vintage barkcloth with roses. I have been collecting barkcloth and other vintage rose fabrics for a few years now and can not pass up a piece if I find a pretty pattern and the price is right.

On previous posts, you have seen that I use this lovely fabric for making pillows. I have also used it in embellishing denim jackets that I sell as well. Mostly, I just covet this fabric. I just love looking at it. Having a good stash of vintage rose fabrics makes me happy. If loving barkcloth is wrong, I don't want to be right! ha ha

Here are just some of my favorites as well as some fairly recent finds.

This is the Glen Court barkcloth with a pink background that I recently bought from Sue.

One I got on ebay not too long ago.

I think I got this one on ebay too.

I've had this pattern a couple times. I've used it for both pillows and jackets. Would make pretty chair covers too.

This is one I found at a garage sale in my neighborhood. It was in mint/unused condition. After a good soak (boy was it dirty:), it came out soft and lovely.
I found two of these curtain panels at a shop in Vernonia several years ago. Still waiting for the perfect project for them.

This fabric is actually a valance that Isabel gave me.
This is a very small piece that I bought at Expo. (I think?) I just love the colors.
I got this fabric at Monticello from Debbie. It was actually a vintage garment bag that I cut up.
Normally I don't buy pillows as I can make them myself, but I just fell in love with the fabrics on this one and bought it from Kathy at the Coburg Antique Fair a few years ago.
I found this fabric at the Brownsville Antique Faire a few years ago and it was just the right size for a little pillow case. It is pretty fragile and I have had to patch a few holes, but I think it's lovely.

Another purchase from Debbie. This one I got at one of Monticello's Sales. It is a vintage bedspread. The fabric is a strong light weight canvas. I haven't had the heart to cut it up and have used it on my sewing room bed.
This is another bedspread. I think I've shown this one before. I found it at the Portland Antique Expo last year.
And finally, my most recent piece is one I bought on ebay and just got in the mail a few days ago. I just love the corally color of the background and the lovely roses.

I hope you have enjoyed my parade of vintage rose fabrics.

On another note, some of you have inquired about the name of the pattern on the aprons I made and showed on a recent post. The pattern name is Lilly Apron and it is put out by Busy Bee Quilt Designs. ( ) You can probably find it at any good quilt shop. I saw it at a quilt shop in Milwaukie just this week.

Hope you are all enjoying your week. I'll be back soon with more thrifted goodies.


Tracy said...

Those are all beautiful fabrics! I am also a fabric hoarder myself ; ) Can't get enough of it! I never have any luck at garage sales though... maybe its a blessing in disguise or else I would be buying even more than I already have!

Cheryl said...

Hi Lisa. Thank you for the nice comment. I too love barkcloth and other vintage fabrics. I have some I was going to list on ebay. If you are interested you can email me at: Nothing like getting first dibs!
Your barkcloth collection is just wonderful!

Timi said...

Beautiful fabric! I have a couple pieces of bark cloth I'm holding on to myself but nothing like your beautiful pieces.
Love it! Thank you for sharing.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Sheer gorgeousness!!

Cottage Rose said...

Wow what a beautiful collection of rose fabrics. I am so jealous right now.... lol I can see all kinds of things made from them. Ok I am going to Ebay looking for some myself. lol

I enjoyed drooling oops I mean looking at all the fabric..


Draffin Bears said...

Love your beautiful collection of fabrics and what fun you will have making up something with them.

Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

The banner,the fabric,the words...everything you do is inspiring to read...thank you for sharing!

The Cutest Cottage Lamps said...

I love your barkcloth collection! I use it on some of my lampshades too. And your pillows are just beautiful!

English Cottage in Georgia said...

I also love rose printed barkcloth. Thanks for sharing pics of your lovely collection :-)

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Oh my! What gorgeous fabrics!
This type of floral bouquet print was responsible for sparking my love of vintage fabrics. I could just gaze at them all day.
They just make you smile, don't they?

Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.
Kimberly :)

Anonymous said...

You have some beautiful examples. I'm a fellow barkcloth addict only I cannot part with mine or cut it up. I have some curtains I'm saving for my beach house. I'm 54 years old and don't have that beach house, yet. Maybe my grandkids can use it in theirs.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Sooo pretty!!! I wish you sold online, too! I just can't find those gorgeous fabrics and all the pretty things I see in your booth photos!